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What Is The Keto Diet plan?

The keto diet plan has actually been revealed to decrease and support blood glucose, bring back insulin levels and trigger weight-loss. The konscious keto diet plan works for lots of people who have actually not had success slimming down in the past.

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The Keto Diet plan is a low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein diet plan. When you consume according to this strategy, your metabolic process changes to burning kept body fat for energy.

How The Keto Diet Plan Functions

The very best part about keto is that it works, with or without fasting, and I desire you to consume all of your delicious meals guilt-free to actually value your keto experience. Merely concentrate on decreasing your carbohydrates and provide your very first dish a shot. We understand you'll end up being a keto follower when you taste how amazing and scrumptious your custom-made dishes are, they're nearly too excellent to be real! This is especially true if you try one of Konscious Keto's meal replacement shakes: http://getkonsciousketo.com/keto-diet/konscious-keto-shake/.

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Guys, Check Out This Natural Cure For ED


Hey guys, what if I told you that there is a natural solution to the two most common causes of ED? There is an all natural mix of herbs, vitamins and an amino acid that when taken together can help improve both sensitivity and blood flow in men.

See this video to see it in action:

The Peruvian Brew in the above video is the actual ingredients found in the erect on demand PDF which can be downloaded instantly. The ingredients are a bit trickier, so I actually recommend just ordering the Peruvian Brew powder which I did.

Now of course I am not going to try it on myself, so I invited one of my current guy friends over who I consider a friend with benefits.

We were home at my place watching a movie and I asked him if he wanted to try something fun, implying it would be in the bedroom... being a normal guy he of course enthusiastically said yes.

I showed him the canister and he agreed to give it a try. Now he doesn't necessary suffer from ED, but he does on occasion have trouble keeping a strong erection.

So we mixed it up with the water, and he drank it. His comment was it tasted OK, not great, but not horrible either.

After about 20 minutes, he gave me a look that told me it was working. We went to the bedroom and without going into details, he certainly felt like he had no problem maintaining a full erection. It was a lot of fun, and we both enjoyed it immensely.

So much so, that I am keeping it for myself for any future encounters just in case.

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How Natural Herbs Can Boost Low Testosterone


You hear the ads on the radio all the time for various supplements that claim to boost low T levels, but which product is best? It really depends on a lot of factors, but it should be noted that the best ones all contain natural ingredients and don't have any animal by products or synthetic chemicals.
natural herbs

I can list about 3-4 great products, but from the experience my good friend had with Spartagen XT, I have to say that is the one that we here at The Dating Makeover Coach would recommend to our readers.

The natural herbs and vitamins in help to boost libido, lean muscle mass and stamina. Not only that but it helps increase over all energy levels, but also will improve your mood.

The only real downside is that you will not see any results for 2-4 weeks, but hat is a small price to pay when you consider the results. Also the product is not cheap and can only be bought directly from EdgeBioactives. This natural testosterone booster comes in a convenient package and is discretely delivered directly to your mailbox.

So if you are getting older and feel like you have reduced testosterone levels, I highly recommend you take a look at some of the options out there. The natural herb and root extracts combined with the vitamins and minerals will help increase energy levels and put the spring back in your step.

Also, since there are no harmful ingredients you can continue to take Spartagen as long as you want, without the need to cycle the dosage like some other dangerous supplements.

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How To Become Better With Women


While I started this blog to share my experiences in life, I also get so many requests from guys who are looking to become more attractive. You would think most guys would just want to know some trick to get women to like them, but the honest truth is that many, in fact most are actually looking for genuine self improvement.

So while that is a wonderful thing to hear as a woman, I also don't necessarily know what I can do to truly help them. I mean, I am a woman. I know woman stuff, so I can tell them what I think women may like about them, I am not an expert about how to make those changes. But I do know of one who I casually met at a conference. His name is Bill Preston and he runs PUA Forums.com an online community for guys looking to get better.

There are a lot of sites like his, but I find that he encourages his users to remain respectful to women. He doesn't condone weird techniques or things that may manipulate people.

So to all the guys asking me who to go to, to improve themselves, I say Bill's forum is a great place to start. If that doesn't work for you, I also have seen a ton of great content on youtube.com that can pretty much teach anyone, anything.

For example:

This video will help you get in shape:

How to dress well for men:

Search for whatever you are looking to improve, I am sure you will find something that helps.


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What to Look For In A Girlfriend


Before you begin your search for a girlfriend, you have to take into consideration what you are looking for. Are you looking for someone who has a nice body or a delightful personality? Are you looking for a friendship or just someone to spend the night with? You have to identify the needs you have before starting a relationship with another person. Remember that wants and needs are two very different things. Below are just a few things you should look for in a potential girlfriend.

You want to find a girl who has an open mind. If she's open to new experiences it allows you to do the things you want to do and open yourself up to new experiences as well. Two open minds work to complete different likenesses and experience fun and new things that you wouldn't have had the opportunity to indulge in otherwise. Work off each other and make sure to keep your mind open as well.

You also want to find someone who is independent. She has her mind set in her own ways, she goes about her day as she wants and she doesn't let others push her around. The independent woman is good for the man who is looking for a companion that he doesn't have to change himself for. Since she is independent, she will understand that interest may vary and that not everyone enjoys every single thing the other does. It leaves an open slate and allows for bonds to be built without being forced upon either party.

A third and final thing you want to look for is a woman with a plan. If she has her sights set in her future and has it somewhat mapped out, then she belongs on your radar. There is nothing like a woman with a plan, they are self-sufficient, goal orientated and always strive to keep themselves happy and living life to the fullest. Go into the relationship process with a plan of your own. Set your sights for the future and place yourself where you can see yourself staying for many years to come. Combining these two plans will create for one heck of a positive union.

Take these brief steps into consideration before beginning your search. Look deep within yourself before you start looking at others. Once you have everything set, you're ready to search for that special someone.

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What I Would Do Differently


Hey there. My name is Kira, the dating makeover coach.

Let's start with what I would do differently if I were back in college again.

Also, watch this video about how to tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy in college:

So watch those videos, check back soon and we will have tons more information to help you with your journey in college and in dating.


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